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Privacy Policy

You should read this policy in full BASIC PURPOSE OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY

This document has also been written with the GDPR in mind, covering important points such as details of data subjects' rights, information on the retention of personal data (i.e. for how long it will be kept), and data subject access requests. This website has now been updated in line with GDP These should be read carefully.
We require certain information to provide our services to you. For example, you must have an account in order to upload or share content on Social media like Facebook, twitter or Instagram or our website. When you choose to share with us, we collect and use it to operate our services. Our website is shown on other websites that is relevant to the light house, so your photos and feedback may also be displayed here but it will be shown direct from our pages or links. Facebook is public and searchable by anyone around the world. We give you non-public ways to communicate with us, through Direct Messages.

If we share your photos or advertise a birthday your consent will be always asked before we do this and will be shared on our social media, again this is public so anyone can view or share or tag the post.
If you contact us over social media via message your details will be kept for future offers purposes, please state if you do not wish to receive details.

Anything you post on our social media is public, if you leave a review this also may be shown on our other social media sites, we are not responsible if this is shared to others sites that are not connected to the light house as it’s a public site for everyone to see.

If you share a photo to the light house or tag us in anything we may share this with other social media sites we have, please state if you do not wish us to do this.
We will never ask for your bank details. All details given can only be accessed by management.

You will not be asked for payment information, including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address, only ours will be given for payment if you choose to book into the light house, as part of our services.

We ask you delete this payment information once you have confirmation on payment or after your booking.
If you email us, we will keep the content of your message, your email address, and your contact information to respond to your request.
If you provide us with your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from us.
We only store telephone numbers, first name and emails, no address are stored unless we have stated this to you.
No numbers are kept on phones and any numbers given are stored in a safe place that only management can access.

This Basic Website Privacy Policy, as its name implies, is designed for use with simple websites that do not collect data from or about their users (subject to limited exceptions such as IP addresses, automatically collected by all websites). We ask you destroy/delete any payment information given by us and not to pass the details on but please keep confirmation on payment.