Multi Sensory Play Rooms in Blackpool

3 Exciting Sensory Play Rooms

Tristan’s Light house features 3 different rooms, each with fantastic sensory appeal. Whether you choose to rocket into space, a rumble in the jungle or take a dive into the ocean we have a room to suit.

The Space Room

Rocket in to space in our amazing fully multi sensory Space room. This room features aliens, planetary activity, asteriods and shooting stars, emerse yourself in relaxation and gaze up at the stars while listening to the sound effects of space.

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The Jungle Room

Our Jungle room is so much fun, with winding vines and wild flowers shooting from all corners, it's soft and multi sensory with soothing sounds of the forest and a highly relaxing place to be full of sights and sounds.

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The Oceanic Room

Take a dip in to the deep Ocean room, with slashing waves and sea creatures you may be familiar with. This is one of our most popular rooms, a wonderful multi sensory experience not just for kids but also for adults.

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We DO NOT receive any government funding. I work as a sole trader and rely on donations, so if you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated and will help to ensure Tristan’s Light house will continue to thrive and offer more services.

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